Sept. 15 – Oct. 31, 2014

The Crested Butte School of Dance announces its exciting 6-week fall schedule. Starting Sept. 15th, join us for Improv with Sasha, Lyrical with Christy Kong, Hip-Hop classes for all ages, Jazz and Creative Dance for our younger stars and more! Most of these totally affordable classes are only offered in this Fall Session…
Register online, print forms and waivers, and check out all registration details here >>

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The CBSD Mission

The Crested Butte School of Dance is a community-based educational organization dedicated to fostering creativity, self-expression and personal growth to people of all ages through professional dance instruction.

What We Value

Our programs develop an understanding of:

  • Dance Technique
  • Body Awareness
  • Musicality
  • Performance

Participation Teaches Life Skills Such As:

Crested Butte School of Dance Skills

Nathan Bilow has posted all spring show photos and they are available for purchase on his website. Heidi Duryea also has videos available for each performance - and you can email her to order yours. Click on a link below to get started.

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All photographs on this website and in print for the Crested Butte School of Dance are the copyrighted work of Nathan Bilow. more about nathan >>

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