Spring Performances!

Parents and dancers! Please pay close attention to the details of this schedule. Some classes shift from their regularly scheduled times and locations in order to fit everyone on the stage for some practice. We ask that you keep this schedule close at hand and check it each day to make sure all dancers make it to every practice easily and without confusion! Thank you for your understanding. We are very excited for these up-coming shows!



PREK-1st Grade
(not including 1|2 Boys HipHop)

Show Times
Fri. May 9th at 5pm
Sat. May 10th at 5pm

Dress Rehearsal
Wed. 5/7 from 4-6PM
at the Center for the Arts


Grades 2-5
(including 1|2 Boys HipHop)

Show Times
Sat. May 10th at 7:30pm
Sun May 11th at 4pm

Dress Rehearsal
Tues. May 6th at 4-6pm
at the Center for the Arts

“as i am”

Grade 6-Adult

Show Times
Thurs. May 15th at 7pm
Fri. May 16th at 7pm
Sat. May 17th at 7pm

Dress Rehearsal
Wed. 5/14 from 4:45-7PM
at the Center for the Arts

  • roarin-20s—ls-1
  • roarin-20s—ls-3
  • roarin-20s—ls-26
  • roarin-20s—ls-25
  • roarin-20s—ls-33
  • roarin-20s—ls-34
  • roarin-20s—ls-19
  • roarin-20s—ls-28
  • roarin-20s—ls-20
  • roarin-20s—ls-6
  • roarin-20s—ls-16
  • roarin-20s—ls-18
  • roarin-20s—ls-30
The CBSD Mission

The Crested Butte School of Dance is a community-based educational organization dedicated to fostering creativity, self-expression and personal growth to people of all ages through professional dance instruction.

What We Value

Our programs develop an understanding of:

  • Dance Technique
  • Body Awareness
  • Musicality
  • Performance

Participation Teaches Life Skills Such As:

Crested Butte School of Dance Skills
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